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Sam wakes to Dean wrapped around him like a blanket. Sam's knees are pulled up to his chest, curled into the foetal position whilst Dean's arm is snaked around him, pinning him to his chest, hand holding his knees up, holding him close. But the gesture is far from loving and warm, its possessive and harsh, one that speaks on ownership. Dean's mouth is firmly latched into Sam's neck, hot breath wafting over his skin making him uncomfortable. He shifts experimentally and Dean tightens his already tight grip and shifts his hips, his, unsurprisingly, hard cock rubbing against Sam's back. Sam sighs. He's tired and angry, worried about the job, furious with Dean and has a splitting headache, the kind that usually comes right before a vision.  And he doesn't want to play Dean's games anymore.  He wants Dean, if Dean doesn't want him back then curling around him with an erection to make any porn star jealous is not the way to go about getting Sam to back off.  

He twists out of Dean's grip, angry and hurting over last night. Dean trying to slip in in the early hours of the morning, reeking of booze and a strange perfume that still lingers in the air even now. Sam keeps having to remind himself he's pissed at Dean, because all he wants to do is climb back into bed with him. But he's hurt that Dean tried to push him away, when all Sam wants is to pull him close and never let go, to lock themselves in a motel room and never come out. He's lost too much in his life already, they both have, and he's not about to let Dean go just because he's having a Dean Winchester Older Brother Freak Out. Truth be told, Sam was expecting one of these a hell of a lot earlier. Hell, he was expecting himself to have a Sam Winchester Emo Kid Freak Out the second he leant forward and kissed Dean. But Sam can't bring himself to care. Yes its wrong and illegal and no one will understand. But Dean is part of Sam, part of his blood, literally, and they have lost so much, had too much pain in their lives, why the hell can't they have this?

Sam takes his time in the bathroom, fully expecting Dean to be awake and nursing a hangover when he gets out. But Dean is still out cold. He's still sleeping when Sam gets back from the coffee and donut drive. And Sam watches over him as he sleeps. Snuffles in his sleep. And the noises aren't cute anymore. It worries Sam that he finds them irritating as he watches him. Its early afternoon and Dean still shows no signs of waking. Sam has tried to wake him, three times. He's pretty sure he's going to be sporting a black eye from the last time he tried. But Dean refused to be woken, grumbling in his sleep and turning over, away from Sam, always away from Sam.

Sam runs through the previous evening in his mind. Dean stumbling in, and telling Sam he just wanted to sleep. Holy shit. Just wanted to sleep. Sam races to his laptop and pulls up one of the websites he had been looking at the previous evening. Well, trying to looking at anyway, because his mind had been running over and over what Dean had said, or rather what he hadn't said. How could he have been so dense? The answer was staring him in the face the whole time.

The strange, alluring perfume that Dean bought in with him, lingering on his clothes and in his hair.

The desire to sleep. Not needing to sleep, but the desire too.

The men just sleeping themselves to death.

They are dealing with a Succubus. And she has got her claws, or whatever, into Dean.

Sam looks over at Dean. He stirs, shifts, hands curling into the space where Sam would be if he hadn't been too angry to stay in bed with him.

He wants to punch himself. Slam his head against a brick wall. Punch Dean for letting himself be bewitched by the sex demon.




Bobby?” Sam's voice comes across the line, worried, but trying stupidly hard to sound ok. Bobby feels his fatherly instincts regarding the Winchester boys kick in.

Sam? What's up?” Sam takes a deep breath, its shaky and Bobby puts down the book he was reading and stands, not wanting to sit because these boys only ever ring when one of them is in danger.

Its Dean, Bobby. I think we're looking at a Succubus and its infected Dean and I can't wake him up, I tried but he punched me. Fucking bastard. And now I have a fucking black eye and the bastard is still asleep...what do I do Bobby.” Sam draws a breath and Bobby sits back down.

Succubae are nasty fuckers Sam. How the hell did you run into one? Start at the beginning.”

But Dean...”

We have time Sam. Start talking.”

Sam explains. Explains about the men sleeping until they literally curl up and die. He explains about the argument, leaving something out but Bobby can't decipher what, its obviously not that important so he doesn't push it when Sam's voice cracks slightly as he explains Dean crawling back into their motel room at three in the morning. But the times he's finished, Bobby has already figured out for himself what's going on, and how to stop it.

Succubae are just demons Sam.” He says, running his fingers down the lines of an ancient manuscript in front of him. He practically hears the cogs turning in Sam's mind.

So exorcism then?” He asks. Bobby shakes his head then follows it up with a “no” when he remembers that the boys aren't sitting in front of him with their hands clasped around steaming mugs of coffee. Bobby makes a mental note to ask the boys to come stay for a bit, enforced vacation, when this is all over.

Not so simple, I'm afraid. Yes, its an exorcism but not the usual.” He hears the sound of plastic hitting a wall.

God dammit. Bobby why the hell is nothing ever simple for us?” Sam practically shouts. And the way he says us, Bobby knows he isn't talking about hunters, he's talking about him and Dean. Bobby wants to hug the boy. The boy that has grown into a stupidly tall man, the boy who relies so heavily on Dean and Dean relies just as heavily back on Sam. The boys that John Winchester bought to see him, Dean with large eyes, holding Sam in his small arms as Sam squirmed and wound his fingers into Dean's hair. Sam and Dean are so much more than fellow hunters, so much more than sons of an old friend. They are practically his sons and the way Sam sounding so defeated tugs on Bobby's heart strings.

Want me to come?” He asks, in his gruff voice but he knows that Sam gets the meaning. Sam sighs and Bobby can see him running his hand through his hair, brushing it off his face.

No, Bobby, that's ok. Just tell me the exorcism and I'll call again if I need.”


Sam hangs up before Bobby has the chance to protest and say he's getting in the damn car anyway. He does want Bobby hear, wants him and he gruff presence, his easy manner and his no nonsense attitude. But he needs to do this alone, needs to save Dean. How many times has Dean saved Sam?

Sam looks over at his brother, at his...he refuses to use the word lover, because that's just to corny and gross and its not what they are. Dean shifts and rubs his face against the pillow, blissfully unaware of the panic that is settling in Sam's stomach whilst he waits for the email from Bobby.


Dean is drifting. He knows he's asleep. He tries to wake up. But every time conciousness calls him, sleep calls him louder, pulling him back just as he catches a glimpse of Sam. Sam pacing. Sam on the phone. Sam glaring at him. Always Sam.

But Sam's not here. Not in his dreams. And that worries him. For as long as he can remember Sam has been in his dreams, even the nightmares. Nightmares of Sammy dying, Sammy leaving, Sammy being lost and Dean unable to find him, but he can hear him, hear his baby brother crying for him. Its always Sam but not now. Now its Mary-Beth and he wicked smile and her perfume that makes him sleepy and want to crawl inside her and never come out, safe and warm inside the circle of her arms, or with her legs wrapped around his waist, holding him inside her.

It makes him mad when one dreams ends and before the next begins. Makes him furious and want to stand up off the bed and pull Sam to him and make Sam mark him, make sure that Dean doesn't forget him next time he falls asleep.

With a massive amount of strength, Dean manages to open his eyes. Sam is looking fear and anger.

Sammy.” He mumbles. Sam is at his side in an instant. “I can't wake up Sammy. Wake me up.” He manages to say as he pulls Sam down and kisses him.  Hard.  Just before Mary-Beth calls to him and he can't do anything but obey.

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