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Sam doesn't know why he agreed to this.

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( Feb. 16th, 2009 10:39 pm)

For the Friday Prompt, Whisper, over at [ profile] spn_drabble .


Even then Dean knew they were special words, words which had a certain power to them, a certain truth, to be used carefully and wisely. Leaning over baby Sammy's crib, listening out for Daddy in the other room, tears in his eyes, bottle clutched in his hand, snoring softly, Dean kissed Sammy on the forehead, breathing in the lingering scent on mommy that clung to Sam.

Mommy had always whispered the words to Dean and now mommy wasn't here, Dean knew he'd do it for Sam, would take care of Sam.

“I love you Sammy, angels are watching over you.”



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