Totally awesome meme stolen from [ profile] serendip50 

Jared Padalecki or Jensen Ackles?
Jensen. But Jared is very close behind him. That didn't mean to sound as dirty as it did!

Dean or Sam?
Can I smish them together and have a hybrid?

Season 1, 2, 3 or 4?

Season 1 and 2 for the awesome brotherly goodness from the boys, but 3 and 4 because of the nail biting shout at the TV screen tension. So I guess...all of them!

Meg or Ruby?
Hhhmmmm...Season 3 Ruby was pretty cool. Love her line about loving a tall man and the wedges being like deep fried crack. But then again, Meg in Sam was just hot. But if I have to go with one I am gonna have to say Ruby. Season 3 Ruby though.

Sam/Sarah or Sam/Jessica?
Sam and Sarah. In the words of Dean Winchester, “Sam...marry that girl.”

Bobby or John Winchester?
Oooooh toughie. I LOVE John and miss him every episode but Bobby is a constant. Only because John is dead. I can't answer that.

Yellow Eyed Demon or Lillith?
Fred playing the YED was spigging awesome. However, Lilith in NRFTW was pretty hilarious. Although I am a little sick of Little Girl guess.

Emo! Sam Or Emo! Dean?
Awwww Emo!Sam. Sammy has such a good bitch face. Although Dean confessing about Hell in season 4 makes me wanna hug him.

Shirtless Sam or Shirtless Dean?
Can't I have them both? No? Ok. Sorry Dean but shirtless!Sam. That boys body makes me wanna do bad things.

Dressed to impress (suited) or dressed to kill (get your mind out of the gutter, I mean casuals)?
Oooh Dean in a tux is hot. But you can't deny his true nature of ripped jeans, thin over washed t-shirts and work boots. *dies*

Cassie or Lisa with Dean?
Urgh...*vomits* neither! But I guess Lisa if I had to choose one. Cassie...just NO!

Jo or Ellen?
Definitely Ellen. Poor misguided Jo, thinking Dean would fall for her. Jo...silly girl, Dean is in love with Sam!

Ava or Andy?

Oh definitely Andy. What a legend.

Demon Sam or Demon Dean?
Demon!Dean was definitely creepy, a very good performance too. But Demon!Sammy...that evil laugh...makes me all tingly inside.

Season 3 Ruby or Season 4 Ruby?

Season contest. *vomits of season 4 Ruby*

Ben (The Kids Are Alright) or Michael (Something Wicked)?
Ben. “And this moonbounce...its Epic.” What an awesome kid. Although Michael's cracks about them being gay were pretty funny.

Castiel or not?
Castiel. What a stupid question. Of COURSE Castiel. *shakes head at question*

Do You have a favourite Episode? Why?
I love Asylum and Croatoan for the underlying Wincest, but I also love the new ones with Cas in them, like In The Beginning when Cas puts his hand on Dean's shoulder... *dies* so, I guess I don't really have a favourite.

Which episode do you hate?
Route 666.... *vomits* Cassie...URGH!

How do you see SPN ending, from Eric's perspective?
This is a hard one because there are so many rumours floating around. But I guess, I see the ending being a showdown between Sam and Dean. All the warnings that Sam has received recently, especially from Pamela in the last episode, just to bad to ignore. And Dean definitely has a part to play, why else would the angel of all angels, Castiel, bring him back? But in conclusion...I don't want to think about it!

How would YOU like to see SPN end?
Sam, Dean and Castiel all live happily ever after in a house in the country. In a non platonic way!

What roles do you see the 'boys' playing in the future?
Playing Sam and Dean for the rest of their that selfish?


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