HIGHLY unimaginative title I know, but sue me! 

4 drabbles post The Monster At The End Of This Book (4.18) so if you haven't watched...this may contain spoilers!  


Please.” Its the please, carried on the wind, the voice of Dean sounding desperate and broken, hitching on the one syllable word that has Castiel flying to Dean's side.

And not only is his voice broken, but his eyes are too. Dean prides himself on not showing emotions, Castiel has seen it time and time again over the years he has watched him. But its his eyes that give him away. The single plea, those green eyes, hints of gold make Castiel weak, unable to deny him anything.

Prayer is a sign of faith. This is a good thing, Dean.”


Castiel cannot look Dean in the eye. He is avoiding eye contact, behaving more like a human than he wants to right now but Dean is staring at him, green eyes boring right down to his core as he rounds on him.

You have tested me, thrown me every which way...” And Castiel wants to put his hands on Dean, to sooth the storm that is bubbling underneath the surface. He looks away again, hoping that Dean wont have seen the emotion in his eyes.

And I have never asked for anything.” I would give you everything, if you ask.


Dean.” The first Dean is enough to make him stop. His name whispered across the dark parking lot, his name whispered by an angel, whispered in a way that Dean can't decipher.

Its the second Dean, stronger this time, more commanding, as if Cas is overcompensating for his weakness with the first Dean, its the second one that makes him turn back to those eyes. The blue eyes that are bluer than any humans, but looking more human right now than Dean has ever seen. Dean can see the calculation behind them as Cas begins to speak.

You must understand...”


Its takes a while for Dean to figure out that Cas is actually helping him. Betraying his orders for Dean. And the thought makes his stomach clench as Cas rolls his eyes across the sky, scanning the heavens and looks suggestively back at Dean.

So now you understand...” He says with a look that is all too sexy for an angel. “Why I cannot help you.” Sexy, sneaky and human. Dean thinks that maybe Cas is getting too close to him.

Thanks Cas.”

Good luck.” Dean thinks that might have been the moment that he fell in love with Cas.


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