Sam sits by the bed, watching the laboured breathing, and his brother's chest rise and fall with each breath. The brother that up until an hour ago he had no idea if he existed or not.

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Ok, so the moment that I have been waiting for, dunno about anyone else.  But Sam and Dean finally see each other....



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Sam takes the room keys proffered by the motel clerk with the suspicious stain on the front of his shirt.

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So...I kinda stole some dialogue from All Hell Breaks Loose Part 2...but it fits so sue me!  Well actually don't!



Sam’s been searching, spent weeks trawling the internet, 2 weeks and 6 days to be exact, searching for any clue of Dean Winchester. And for all intents and purposed, Dean Winchester doesn’t exist. Except for a couple of arrests the man’s been living off the grid.

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The other day I was trawling YouTube looking for Wincest videos, as you do, and I came across this one...

And after a conversation with the person who made it, jadams04, I decided to give the story a go. 

Post All Hell Breaks Lose Part 1, Dean makes the deal.  But the twist is that Sam won't remember Dean, wont remember the life they had.  He is back at Stanford 3 years after the death of his girlfriend Jessica, and he starts having dreams about a man named Dean.  Will he be able to find Dean before his year is out? 

And all the while Dean is living out his year, along, hurting, and mourning the loss of his brother. 


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